Childs Play at Colca Canyon and Being OK with Easy Travel

Occasionally I travel and I have no story to tell of the place I visited. Colca Canyon in Peru is one of those occasions. We paid for a tour to take us to a beautiful destination and that’s it. Nothing went wrong. No locals were befriended. We have no anecdotes to share. Sometimes travel is like that, but that’s OK isn’t it? Does travel need to be roughed to be an adventure? Is it any less authentic for being easy?

The only local we made friends with

With the internet it’s easy to talk backpacking up to be more courageous and daring than it actually is. Most days in South America we did very little at all - Jack played Age of Empires on his laptop and I lounged in a hammock with my book. Every now and then we’d take a bus to a new town or put ourselves out of our comfort zone with an activity but most days not much happened.

The reality of long term travel isn’t really talked about by travel bloggers who want you to be whisked away with the romance of leaving work and travelling the world for months. Don’t be mistaken, I love travel and it’s become one of my greatest passions in life but I still remember all the homesick, broke and bored days.

So while I don’t have much to say on Colca Canyon, the photographs sure were pretty.

I’m catching up on my Peru photographs on my Instagram feed this month so follow along

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