Run away with me to Oakura

Run away with me to Oakura

For a sweeping black sand beach

To crunch glittery sand beneath tired aching feet.

Run away with me to Oakura

For hokey-pokey ice-cream under the pohutukawa

And so our best friend can catch a ball

Run away with me to Oakura

Where the evenings stretch out and children languidly cycle home

For Oakura agrees with the soul; a soft soothing balm for the end of the working week

Summer is almost upon us down here in New Zealand and the skies are spitting out the last of the wet spring weather. It’s that time of year – everyone is spending silly money, all busy, busy, busy.

Oakura is a small beach town in Taranaki, on New Zealand’s west coast. A holiday here are about walking the beach, drinking at the pub, back to the beach, over to the foursquare for ice-cream, beach again, sleep and repeat.

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