New Zealand in February '16

The last of summer is spent, gone, over and done.

I never made it to Hobbiton and instead, came down with a nasty cold. I’m disappointed, but I’ll head over during the winter, when the crowds are back in the northern hemisphere. My work schedule will slow down in March – so I can give this little blog the time and energy it deserves, and I can travel my little heart out. This month has really been an experiment in time management; I can put 50hr weeks into my job and still find the time to travel. I guess we will always make time for the things we really enjoy.

Blog news: I’ve more than doubled my traffic in the last month (thank you Pinterest) so if you’re new to my site, hello! Welcome to my monthly update on living in NZ and if you want to read more take a little look over at my NZ travel resource page.

What happened in February: Early on in the month I marched against the signing of the TPP in Auckland, it was a chance to play around with street and people photography – something I’d love to explore more of but still feel uncomfortable taking photos of strangers.

Mid-February I played around in Mokau beach town just outside of Taranaki, I love showing you guys more unheard-of destinations.

My highlight of this month was hiking around Lake Mangamahoe with Jack and Wolfe dog – which you may have already seen on my Instagram

What’s happening in March: I don’t know, I’m more of a spontaneous traveller – have any NZ destination suggestions? Let me know in the comments. I’m thinking of tackling some North Island hiking routes - especially around Taranaki.

Photographs from February:

Lake Mangamahoe - Taranaki

Mokau - Waikato


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