New Zealand in May ‘16

Highlights of May:

Jack has finally landed a job! I’ve alluded to our financial situation in previous updates, sighing about our travels being limited to New Zealand’s North Island, and the biggest reason was we simply couldn’t afford to go anywhere beyond road trips and camping since I returned home to New Zealand some year and a half ago. But that’s all about to change.

May has been cold, and wet. For the few sunny days we were given, we were out on the beaches and driving around South Taranaki.

Lowlights of May:

Only travelling within Taranaki and it has been raining six days a week for almost the whole month. We’re officially in winter down here in the Southern Hemisphere.

Plans for June:

Save, save, save. Now that we have two incomes coming in, I should be able to save a good $400 a week and a big chunk of that will be going toward future travels. It means that I’m finally going to the South Island after winter, and we’re thinking a short stint in Asia at the end of the year, (perhaps Indonesia?) Then it might be time to start thinking about another, (another) long term trip. I want to do a yearlong Round The World, or live abroad again, but for now the first step is saving money.

Most popular post this month:

The risks we take for adventure, or, things I really should not have done while backpacking – I think we all have done things like these that in hindsight, may have been a bad idea.

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